10 Important Health Benefits Of Bergamot Essential Oil

 what can i use bergamot oil for
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 health benefits of bergamot oil

Benefits Of Bergamot Oil To Your Health

Bergamot is regarded as a unique and interesting scent, which has citrus-based notes, along with a spiciness that has made it popular among the perfume producers. This essential oil blends well with a variety of different base notes in perfumes and is most commonly combined with rosemary, jasmine, and sandalwood. The oil, along with the fruit, has strong scents that are easy to recognize.

Uses associated with bergamot essential oil are extensive and range from fragrances and medicinal to cosmetic. The varieties of its forms are inclusive of candle making, oils, sprays, gels, soaps, and lotions. Bergamot is also useful for alleviating anxiety and stress in association with the actual qualities of this oil, along with its aroma.

 health benefits of bergamot oil

1Can Be Used As An Anti-Depressant

Bergamot oil is known to assist in the treatment of depression symptoms, like loss of appetite, fatigue, a decline in interest, along with other types of depressive signals. The oil in bergamot triggers the "feel good" chemicals inside the body that allow a person to overcome typical symptoms using a more natural method and a way to avoid drugs that are all associated with their own adverse ways of coping. Bergamot oil can also be used to improve blood circulation, which can assist the person's capacity to be happier.

One of the essential oils that are known as an effective mood booster is the bergamot Citrus aurantium (L.) var. bergamia. Most of the citruses are known for uplifting effects, and bergamot happens to be extremely powerful. There happens to be an extensive array of anecdotal and historical reports in regards to the uplifting and calming effects of using bergamot essential oil.

bergamot oil health benefits

2Minimizes Scars And Treats Acne

Bergamot forms a part of the citrus fruit family, and the fruit is similar in size to that of orange but tastes similar to a lemon. Bergamot oil also has natural antiseptic and astringent properties, which clear blackheads and treat acne effectively. The oil has skin regenerating and scar healing properties that work on fading away old and new scars.

The treatment of acne or scars involves adding three to six drops of the essential oil into one tablespoon of virgin coconut oil. Combine well and then apply the mixture directly to the affected areas with a sterile Q-tip. Leave on for a few minutes, followed by washing it off using warm water. Use the coconut oil and bergamot scar fader on a regular basis to obtain effective relief from painful or embarrassing acne scars, along with an easy way to rejuvenate and revitalize dull skin.

 bergamot essential oil health benefits

3Decrease Cholesterol Levels

To reduce cholesterol, take 1,000 mg of bergamot on a daily basis. You need to use tablets or capsules. It is quite easy to find 500 mg bergamot capsules in health stores or online.

In a clinical study that involved 77 patients who used bergamot, it is suggested that cholesterol levels should decrease in as short as one month. When you are already taking medications to lower your cholesterol, make sure that you speak to your physician before you start taking bergamot. Your doctor will typically closely monitor you and then make adjustments to the medication you are currently taking.

 health benefits of bergamot oil

4Effective Pain Reliever

For pain relief, massage around five drops of the essential oil directly onto the area of pain to obtain relief. It works on decreasing nerve sensitivity, which dulls the sensation of pain. You can use bergamot essential oil on headaches, sprained muscles, and muscle aches.

You can also massage the oil in the area of the lower back if you are experiencing muscle aches and tension in this area. For headaches, rub the oil into your forehead or your temples. An effective combination includes blending lavender, frankincense, and bergamot and using five drops of each into one tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Massage this combination onto painful areas to alleviate your mood and decrease pain.

 bergamot essential oil health benefits

5Stimulant And Anti-Depressant

Bergamot oil is made up of limonene and alpha-pinene. These properties are stimulant and anti-depressant in nature. They offer feelings of energy, happiness, and freshness in the case of depression and sadness by improving circulation.

These properties also work on stimulating hormone secretion. They also assist in maintaining the correct metabolism rates. The stimulating effect works on increasing the secretion of insulin, bile, and digestive juices, which aids in digestion, sugar decomposition and assimilation, and nutrient absorption, which results in decreasing blood sugar levels.

 how do i use bergamot oil

6Has Antiseptic Properties

Bergamot oil assists in healing and soothing psoriasis, eczema, and skin irritations by putting five drops of the oil on a cotton ball or gauze. You can dab it on irritated areas for fast relief. For overall healing, use ten drops of the oil in a bath and soak in the water for at least 20 minutes.

If you suffer from skin blemishes, eczema, or acne, you are one of many people that suffer from these ailments. Bergamot essential oil is a useful measure to treat many mild to moderate skin conditions. Bergamot oil is excellent for all skin types due to its antiseptic, disinfectant, and antibacterial properties.

 what can i use bergamot oil for

7Assists In Digestion

Bergamot is also associated with assisting in the stimulation of digestive juice production through the body and makes it simpler for the human body to break down and digest food effectively. Faster digestion offers a way for the body to absorb more nutrients and vitamins. The preferred method to use bergamot oil for digestion will be to apply a few drops onto the area of the stomach.

First, rub the oil into your hands and then apply it directly to your stomach to stimulate the flow of digestive juices. The body will be encouraged to break down the meal you have just eaten more efficiently, which results in faster absorption. Bergamot oil also promotes muscle contraction within the abdominal area, which moves food, along with waste, more efficiently through the intestines.

 health benefits of bergamot oil

8An Antibacterial Agent

You can use bergamot essential oil on a fresh wound to assist in preventing tetanus and bacterial infections. This essential oil's antiseptic and antibacterial properties can kill any bacteria before it has a chance to flourish. Use five drops of the oil on cotton wool or gauze and apply it directly to the wound.

Bergamot oil is one of the favorite ingredients found in a variety of skincare products, such as lotions and soaps. Its outstanding antibacterial properties are one of the reasons that this ingredient is used in so many different products. Bergamot is able to effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and harmful bacteria, along with other germs. The oil can be topically applied to deal with scalp and skin infections.

 bergamot essential oil health benefits

9Relaxes And Calms

Getting a good night's sleep is vital for your mind and body's health. When you limit the number of hours that you sleep every night, you cause damages to your mind and body because you lose your energy a lot faster. Your stress levels can also increase without the correct amount of sleep, which can make handling normal people interactions and daily confrontations a lot more difficult.

Bergamot oil is derived from the peel of an exotic citrus fruit, which is similar in scent to most of the other citrus fruits. Its potent smell works on calming your emotions, helping you to feel refreshed, and gives you euphoric feelings of a calmer spirit. Bergamot also blends easily with other types of oils to produce a relaxing state and uplifting feelings, which can assist you in sleeping better.

 health benefits of bergamot oil

10Natural Deodorant And Perfume

You can use this essential oil in the form of a natural deodorant. The antibacterial properties, along with the citrus and fresh fragrance, can help in keeping the area of the underarms feeling and smelling fresh throughout the day. You can also add two to three drops of this oil to one of your current deodorants or apply a few drops directly to each armpit. You can also blend a couple of drops into a carrier oil that absorbs fast, such as argan oil. It is advisable to apply the oil directly after you have showered.

Bergamot is associated with an appealing, citrus aroma. It has properties that kill germs, which are associated with causing body odors that are unpleasant. You can also diffuse this scent around your home to eliminate bad odors, such as tobacco or cooking smells.

 bergamot essential oil health benefits

Bergamot oil is obtained using the method of cold expression of the peel of the bergamot fruit at the stage that the fruit is close to ripening. In previous years, the expression, that was also known as cold-pressing, was once conducted by hand. This technique involved pressing down on the peel until the oils inside it are squeezed out.

Today, the process includes a mechanical device, which is still based on the original method. This involves peeling the fruit and then exposing the peels to a centrifugal force that works on separating the fruit fragments and water from the essential oil. Around 100 bergamot fruits can produce about 3 oz. of bergamot essential oil. After expression, the bergamot oil color will range from a light yellow to a darker green. The scent is sweet and fresh with a citrusy top note and spicy undertones accompanied by floral nuances.

  •  bergamot essential oil health benefits
  •  what can i use bergamot oil for
  •  health benefits of bergamot oil
  •  what can i use bergamot oil for
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  •  how do i use bergamot oil